Posted by: Eye Care of La Jolla in Glaucoma on May 20, 2024

May is Healthy Vision Month, an important time to reflect on the significance of protecting our sight. Eye Care of La Jolla is dedicated to raising awareness about eye health and ensuring our community can access the best care possible. This month, we are focusing on glaucoma, a silent thief of vision that affects millions of people worldwide. 

Glaucoma is an eye condition that damages the optic nerve, often due to increased pressure within the eye. If left untreated, this damage can lead to irreversible vision loss. What makes glaucoma particularly insidious is that it doesn’t always present noticeable symptoms until significant vision loss has occurred. 

Regular eye exams are critical for detecting glaucoma early and preventing vision loss. During your Eye Care of La Jolla exam, our skilled ophthalmologists, Dr. David Michelson, Dr. Matthew Kirk, and Dr. Christina Kytasty, utilize advanced techniques to diagnose glaucoma and develop personalized treatment plans. 

Diagnosing glaucoma typically involves: 

  • Comprehensive eye examination: This includes measuring intraocular pressure, assessing the optic nerve, and evaluating the eye’s drainage angle. 
  • Visual field testing: This test helps detect any loss of peripheral vision, a common early sign of glaucoma. 
  • Optical coherence tomography (OCT): This imaging test provides detailed cross-sectional images of the optic nerve and retinal layers, aiding in diagnosing and monitoring glaucoma progression. 

Early detection is key to managing glaucoma and preserving your vision. If you’re at risk or haven’t had an eye exam recently, don’t wait until symptoms appear. Schedule an appointment today with Dr. Michelson, Dr. Kirk, or Dr. Kytasty at Eye Care of La Jolla. 

Take the first step towards lifelong eye health by visiting our website at or calling (858) 457-3050 to schedule your appointment. Don’t let glaucoma steal your sight – empower yourself with proactive eye care at Eye Care of La Jolla.